Operation 4 Corners | "for as long as it takes“"

You Tube videos



Some videos have been banned by YouTube in the UK

When we replied to comments left for us on our social media we invited the writer of the comments to give their point of view.

One person who had left a comment after listening to the screaming, described the noises as "background noises", that seemed odd to us so we mentioned the fact in a video.

Then a complaint was made about that video and it was banned by You Tube for watchers in the UK.

Since then many of our videos have been banned in the UK even though the people complaining are not always in the video, it seems if they do not like the content of the video they make a complaint.

We are making all our videos available for download from our USA based server.

videos.vanfogey.com | (clickable link)




Does it sound odd to you that someone would not want to give their point of view given the circumstances? Please click on the link below if you want to return to the index page

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