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I believe serious crime is being committed underneath the floor of my basement.

I have dug out two, 1.5 meter shafts to get audio recordings.

Please only sign this petition if you have listened to the noises AND believe they need investigating.

The Police have been informed and have not bothered, or have totally ignored, these recordings.

Women can clearly be heard screaming from what I think is a tunnel or an old mine shaft (there is also an old WW2 sealed bunker close by)


Van Fogey

This matter needs an urgent, full investigation.

I started this petition becauseā€¦

I have started this petition in desperation, I have sent the recordings to everywhere I can think of.

The original website was of poor quality and the recordings were hard to hear.

I decided to learn how to build a website using HTML (I found out there were easier ways afterwards), and how to put audio on a website.

Some of the recordings I have heard are truly worrying.

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