Back in June 2018, we were up late working and went to make a coffee, there was an odd noise coming from the empty house next door.

It was around 2.30 in the morning and we went into the alleyway that runs between our house from the one next door.

We could hear a machine running for around 10 minutes, then the machine would pump something into the drain.

We lifted the drain cover and the fumes were very strong, our eyes watered and our noses started running instantly.

We left the cover off and watched and listened from an upstairs window.

We watched and listened for 30 minutes and the machine would run and then pump a strong smelling liquid into the drain, in the thirty minutes we watched, the cycle was repeated three times.

The fumes were very strong so we closed the drain lid.

We reported the incident to the Police but they were not interested.

So we bought a recorder on eBay and made recordings from different places until we were fairly sure where the noises were coming from.

We tested various areas within in the house and found the noises seem to come from underneath our basement.

We put microphones in various places in the basement, there were two areas were the noises were at their loudest, so I carefully dug two 1.5 meter channels into the wall in our basement to get better quality recordings.

The shafts might be deeper tan 1.5 meters, I dug out everything I could and then hoovered up the remaining dirt.

The hose of the hoover is 1.5 meters long and disappears completely in the shafts.

Over the months we amassed too many recordings to listen to them all.

The following noises can be heard on the audio recordings taken inside my basement:

There are woman screaming, sexual sounds, dogs barking, a printing press running, a motorbike, a car horn honking and what sounds like a police siren, no other traffic noises can be heard, its just the siren and a motorbike.

Men can be heard shouting and the women scream as if in pain.

One of the recordings has 2 foreign men talking and the machine going in the background, is the one man instructing the other man on how to use a machine.

On one occasion, we left the microphone in the alleyway and someone found it, took it away, blanked it off, and recorded themselves putting it back in the alleyway.

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